Tuesday, April 14, 2015

20 and 21 Weeks ... HALFWAY with some BIG news!

This past week, my momma was in town visiting from Georgia. Clearly, blogging took a backseat to spending time with her...and if we're being honest, blogging also took a backseat to school work and a two-week teaching takeover that I am now halfway through with. In four short weeks, I will be graduating...again! The only difference this time is that everyone has to call me Master Sarah from then on. (Right, Rachel G.??!?)

Anyways, while my mom was here, I officially hit the halfway mark in this crazy journey called pregnancy. Looking back, the first 20 weeks seem like such a blur of nausea, excitement, and exhaustion. I just can't get over how fast it's all going by... Even though five weeks ago I would have said this pregnancy was moving at a snails pace...you know, in between all the throw up and what not.

Since I missed last week, here's the 20 week picture.

20 weeks

21 weeks
Yes, it was Red Sox day at school the day this picture was taken! Go sox! 
How far along? 21 weeks!

Total weight gain: 15+ lbs.  
Gender: Still girl...
Baby is the size of a(n)...: Pomegranate  
Maternity clothes? Yup. When Weezy (Mom) was in town, we did some hardcore maternity shopping and came up with virtually nothing. Until her last day, that is! We found some pretty great dresses and maxi skirts that have definitely been my go-to these days.
Best moment this week: Having my mom get to come visit and sit in with us at a doctor's appointment and hear the heart beat.
Worst Moment this week: Non-pregnancy related: Saying goodbye to our LG, whom we meet and share a meal with every Thursday. Pregnancy related: the heart burn. Definitely the heart burn. It does NOT let up!  

Miss Anything? Medium steaks. I just want some red meat, dang it!
Cravings: Watermelon, sushi, Stop and Shop's Rotisserie Chicken Salad (SO GOOD).
Symptoms: HEART BURN. All. Day. Long.
Looking forward to: Spring Break next week!! Even though all I'll be doing is working on my PPA for student teaching. After spring break, I'm pretty much done with school work associated with student teaching and I can just spend these last few weeks enjoying the experience!

In other news, the countdown is officially on. I haven't mentioned this on the blog before because we wanted to make sure as many people as possible heard from us, but Ryan and I are officially moving to Georgia in four short weeks. While I'm super excited to be back in the great Peach state, closer to our family and our friends we left behind four years ago, I'm equally devastated to leave New England and the AMAZING friends that have grown into family up here. This place honestly feels more like home than Georgia does and I know it's going to be a tough weekend in Mid-May when we leave. Expect tears. A lot of tears.

Monday, March 30, 2015

18 Weeks + 19 Weeks.... Because Life Gets Busy Sometimes

Ryan and I had an amazing weekend this past weekend. We found out the gender of our little nugget, attended an at-home Ernie Halter concert (so good!), and celebrated the gender of our child with our friends up North! Unfortunately, all of that fun comes at a price. I am SO SO far behind on school work and am starting to feel the effect this Monday afternoon. Boo. SIX. MORE. WEEKS.

We've been good about taking the weekly bump picture every Monday before I leave for work... but I never seemed to find a good time to blog last week while trying to balance all of the exciting things and not so exciting school work taking place. Instead of playing catch up and trying to remember how I was feeling specifically last week, I'm just going to post the picture from 18 weeks and call it a day. Half way point, here we come!

How far along? 19 weeks! 

Total weight gain: 13 lbs.  

Gender: GIRL!!!   

Baby is the size of a(n)...: Mango

Maternity clothes? Still yes. We finally went to Old Navy and purchased three pairs of maternity pants, which are just another level comfortable these days. Now I can finally put the boots and leggings away and move on to warmer weather clothes...even if the weather isn't actually any warmer. Wishful thinking, maybe?

Best moment this week: Where do I begin? Seeing our baby through our 18-week ultrasound last Thursday, finding out the gender, sharing the news with our family and later our friends.... all were pretty awesome.

Worst Moment this week: Still not being able to really take my prenatal vitamins without getting sick. I'm TIRED of getting sick. Any suggestions here to make this a little easier?

 Miss Anything? Beer. All the beer.
Cravings: Watermelon, California Rolls, Ice Cream, and Rice 

Symptoms: Leg cramps. Back pain. Random dizziness. Stuffiness.

Looking forward to: Lauren's bridal shower in Portland this weekend and spending next week with my mom!! Weezy flies up Saturday early afternoon and stays until the next weekend!!!

And just because I still can't get over how perfect everything was this weekend, here are a couple of pictures from our gender reveal party!! The theme Ryan and I went with was "Twinkle Twinkle little star.... how we wonder what you are!" Rachel M. made the cake and it was PHENOMENAL. Like... I wouldn't have changed a thing! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

17 Weeks

I'm baaaack! I'm sure ya'll are getting tired of seeing the bump growth and reading updates but.... well get used to it! I still have plans to update this thing on OTHER things going on in my life, but these weeks just keep going by so fast and it's all I can do to get this bumpdate up every week!

How far along? 17 weeks! 

Total weight gain: about 12 lbs. 

Gender: We will know in 6 days!!!!  

Baby is the size of a(n)...: onion.

Maternity clothes? Yes, but I'm getting super tired of wearing leggings, tunics, and boots every day so I think a little shopping trip is in order. This mama-to-be desperately needs some pants that fit over this bump!

Best moment this week: Nothing is really standing out to me this week... it's gone by in such a blur. I'm starting to feel more like my old self, so I think the fact that there is no more nausea and the bronchitis is clearing up are probably a couple of the things I'm most grateful for this week.

Worst Moment this week: Probably the lack of sleep a couple night ago which led to a veeeerrrry long day at work and school all day on Wednesday.  

Miss Anything? Sushi. 

Cravings: Big grilled chicken salad, black olives, and, of course, pears! ...and starburst jelly beans! 

Symptoms: Tiredness and a little bit of dizziness every once in a while

Looking forward to: Our 18 week anatomy scan on Thursday!! What are you, little nugget??!! 

Any final gender guesses?? 

Have a great weekend, ya'll! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks! 

Total weight gain: 10 lbs. 

Gender: Don't know yet. We scheduled the ultrasound for two weeks from today though! 

Baby is the size of a(n)...: Avocado! 

Maternity clothes? All day, every day. I can fit into all of my tops still, but maternity bottoms (leggings) are much more comfortable. 

Best moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat at our 16 week appointment this afternoon! The doctor said it's strong and she could tell that the baby was moving all over the place in there!   

Worst Moment this week: This is a toss-up between having to go to urgent care for bronchitis on Monday and saying goodbye to Jake and Colee at the airport on Wednesday. Neither were very fun.  
Miss Anything? Sushi. 

Cravings: Pears. Give me all the pears. And ice cream. 

Symptoms: NO MORE NAUSEA!! WOO! I don't think I've really had any pregnancy symptoms besides little aches and pains every once in a while. I have however had a ridiculous cough and congestion that has kept me up most nights. 

Looking forward to: The weekend!! This week seemed to fly by so I'm definitely looking forward to a restful, but fun weekend! 

I'll be back later with a recap from our visit with our most recent houseguests!!! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

15 Weeks

So.. this picture was taken on Monday, but I've been too busy/lazy/tired to pull out the computer and upload it to the blog post. Better late than never though, right?!

How far along? 15 weeks! 

Total weight gain: 5-7 lbs. 

Gender: Don't know yet. Three more weeks! 
Baby is the size of a(n)...: Apple! It is 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces! 

Maternity clothes? Not much has changed here, except that my regular old leggings are starting to feel uncomfortably tight across my belly. My one pair of maternity leggings that sit really low are pretty much my go to these days. 

Best moment this week: There have been a few. To start with, our friend Rachel threw a joint surprise birthday party for Chris which turned into quite the surprise for Rachel herself when Chris proposed to her (and flew her little sister up from NC!). That was definitely a night to remember. Also, while it hasn't happened just yet, in just a few short hours we're picking Jake and Colee up from the airport for five days of fun!! Fun times this week!  

Worst Moment this week: The running theme for worst moment of the week is once again travel related. Poor Ryan got stuck in the Newark airport for seven hours due to flight delays and didn't get home until 2 or so in the morning, after leaving at 4 am that same day.  We're definitely looking forward to not flying much until this snow moves on out of here. 

Miss Anything? I havn't really missed much food related this week. I do miss sleeping through the night and I've been told I'm probably not going to get that back for years...so yay? 

Cravings: Still ice cream. Even when it's 7 degrees outside, give me all the ice cream. 

Symptoms: The nausea seems to be going away (Hallelujah!) but I've had a couple bouts of dizziness and just overall exhaustion this week. Where is all of that energy I was told I would get in the second trimester?!?

Looking forward to: These next few days with my bro and Colee!! And our next appointment on Thursday! 

Happy Weekend, ya'll! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Aruba 2015

A few days ago, Ryan and I FINALLY made it back from Aruba! The vacation was amazing, but the travel was a nightmare. Literally, nothing went our way. Well, I guess not nothing...we did get everywhere we needed to be safely and in one piece. But, still. 

So, last Thursday, Ryan and I headed to the airport with the intentions of catching a flight to La Guardia and taxiing over to our hotel near JFK airport, where we were flying out of early the next morning. When we got to our gate, we saw that the flight was delayed by hours and hours...so much so that they couldn't even give us a set departure time. The gate agent was doing everything she could, and eventually got Ryan and I on an earlier flight to JFK, saving us the thirty minute taxi ride. Score! She called the baggage room and had them move our two suitcases on to the new flight, telling us we would have to pick them up and recheck them the next morning. NO problem- we needed them anyways, since all of our toiletries were in them. Fast forward a couple hours to baggage claim at JFK. We had been waiting for at least thirty minutes for our bags, which never showed up. Ryan eventually took the initiative to go to the help desk to find out where our bags were. Turns out, they never got transferred to our new flight and were currently sitting at LGA waiting for us. The customer service rep at the airport promised us that our bags would be on the next flight out in the morning to Aruba via Atlanta...meaning we would just have to meet up with our bags in Aruba. Fine. Annoying, but fine. 

The next morning, Ryan and I woke up and took the hotel shuttle to the airport around 5:00 in the morning. We got to the self check-in kiosk, and put our confirmation number in when the kiosk asked us to swipe our passports. WHAT? It was at this moment, we realized we were screwed. Neither of us had remembered to pack the one thing that would prevent us from getting in and out of the country. After hours of running around the airport talking to literally anybody that could possibly help us, we got rebooked on the same exact flight to Aruba 24 hours later, rented a car, and began our drive back to Boston to retrieve our passports. Boo. Meanwhile, our bags are chilling in sunny Aruba without us! About 10 hours later, Ryan and I found ourselves back at the hotel, ready to start the day ALL over again...this time with passports in hand. 

Everything went smoothly the next day, and around 3:30, we were smacked in the face greeted by an incredible amount of heat/humidity, our luggage, and Brad and Susan's smiling faces. Vacation has officially begun! 

We got loaded in to the car and stopped for lunch at Taco Bell before making our way to the resort! 
View from our balcony! 
Sunset on our first night!
 The first night was pretty low-key since we were pretty exhausted from the last two days of travel. We walked along the beach for a little bit, got changed for dinner, and walked over the the pier restaurant across from the RIU. Needless to say, it was an early night.

The rest of the days were pretty much a blur of lounging under huts on the beach...

 swimming in the ocean...


walking along the boardwalk, eating, and drinking (virgin daiquiris, anyone?!). 

Did I mention eating?!? 

We also spent a couple evenings in some of the nearby resort casinos. Susan and I started out dropping $20 bills in the penny slot machines, which can go a long way but doesn't really lend to MAKING money. Around the middle of our vacation, we got tired of the slot machines and decided to try our luck on the three-card poker table. While it was a lot more fun... we weren't necessarily any luckier. 

Before dinner at "Taste of Belgium" 
Ryan turned 26 on our second day of vacation. To celebrate, we went to the Muguruza's restaurant by the lighthouse for an amazing dinner with the best view on the island.

Birthday boys get presents, even on vacation.

A couple days later, we took to rental car down to the southernmost point on the island, a place called Baby Beach, where not one sign could be found. The men went out snorkeling, while the women lounged under a palm tree.

On our last night, we decided to try our luck one more time at the casinos. Overall, the casinos had stolen some of all of our money, so we had to have one more shot at winning it back. While walking up to the Occidental Casino, Ryan spotted a bill in the parking lot. He opened it up and quickly realized our luck had changed! It was $100! With this new found money in our hands, we walked straight to the three card poker table, split the money in half, and started playing. I ended up leaving the table a couple hours later with the same $50 I put down and Ryan walked away with an extra $40. It was definitely a great way to go out, up $140! We won't talk about how Brad and Susan ended the night (sorry guys!)

Our last few hours in Aruba were the cloudiest of the whole trip (Aruba was as sad to see us go as we were to leave!).

We got to the airport three hours early to clear customs, only to realize that our flight had been delayed a couple hours, causing us to miss our connecting flight out of JFK to Boston. This flight also happened to be the last flight of the night. While our luck at the casino may have turned, our traveling luck continued. 

Once we landed at JFK, we checked the flight status just to be sure it had departed on time. Turns out, that flight had also been delayed. Only problem was that it had been delayed five hours and wasn't scheduled to depart until around 1 in the morning. After consulting with the gate agents and customer service reps for about an hour, everyone was convinced the flight would be cancelled and not wanting to spend another night in a New York hotel, we decided to once again rent a car and drive the four or so hours back to Boston...without our luggage....again. 

We made it home around 2-2:30 in the morning and our bags made it home around 10:30 the next night. 

While travel was a nightmare, the trip was definitely worth it. I can guarantee you that we will NEVER forget our passports again! 

14 Weeks

We're baaaaaack! (No thanks to Delta...but that's a story for another blog post.)

How far along? 14 weeks! 

Total weight gain: 3-5 lbs. 

Gender: Don't know yet. 

Baby is the size of a...: Lemon! 

Maternity clothes? Still just leggings and tunics..all day, every day. 

Best moment this week: Other than our great vacation in Aruba, the best moment would have to be FINALLY sleeping in our own bed again. 

Worst Moment this week: Definitely all of our travel nightmares getting to and from Aruba. 

Miss Anything? Seared Ahi Tuna...on it's own, with sushi, and over a salad. Give me all the tuna. 

Cravings: Ice cream, melons (cantaloupe and honey dew), and skittles. 

Symptoms: Nausea and a little dizziness, but overall better than the whole first trimester. 

Looking forward to: A visit from Jake and Colee in a couple weeks!! 

Now, since I missed week 13 while on vacation...here's a quick picture! Clearly not much has changed in the last few weeks.

Happy Monday, ya'll!